South Pacific Survivor
In Samoa

a multicultural political thriller
by Kevin Daley

About the Author

After graduating from Northeastern University magma cum laude, Kevin joined the U.S. Peace Corps. He trained for months in Samoan culture/language then taught refrigeration at the Western Samoa Technical Institute, now part of the National University of Samoa. He also founded a multi-national culture club and wrote fiction. One poem, published in over sixty countries, was misprinted under the name “Kevin Klein,” to his amusement. Another was published in the Samoan Observer as part of a Samoan writers project.

Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C., Kevin studied on scholarship and became one of its few Caucasians graduates. He won awards and earned a spot on the national and international moot court teams. He and his classmates protested the Rodney King verdict across from the White House. Kevin was a law clerk at federal government agencies and marched in President Clinton’s inaugural parade.

A stint with a prestigious, minority-owned law firm kicked off his legal career. Kevin's own law firmin Government Center, Boston, for a dozen yearsis now in Cambridge, MA. He teaches law classes at Bunker Hill Community College of Boston and ethics and law classes at Northeastern University. He
enjoyed Social Law Library programs like Kafka and the Law, and being a judge at the American Trial Lawyers Association competition and at Boston University’s law school moot court competition.

At Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, a community non-profit corporation, he was an active board member and vice president. He volunteered for local schools, Cambridge Cares About Aids, and People Making a Difference. He campaigned for others vying for congress and school committee.

After courses at
Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Kevin studied at Grub StreetBoston’s premier non-profit creative writing center—including a Masters Novel class. He loved the
summer novel-writing program in Prague on scholarship with authors Robert Everz and Arnost Lustig and Professor Petr Bilk, Chair of the Czech Literature Department, Charles University. Kevin joined a select group of writers at a Pacific coast lighthouse for author Michael Neff’s novel-writing workshop. The UCLA mentorship with best selling author Lynn Hightower was an enriching experience.

Hidy Ochiai—a Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee—awarded Kevin a black belt in Washin-Ryu karate after years of overseeing his training, practice, and competitions in kata, sparring, and weapons.

Kevin plays softball, snowboards, roller blades, hikes, and sails--but not simultaneously. He lives in
Reading, MA. 

thoughts on anything from culture to karate,  experiences in Samoa, jokes,  anecdotes, or ask a question.

A letter by Robert Louis Stevenson:



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